Sources and data on digital participation in Pakistan | #speakup barometer | Pakistan | DW | 09.04.2019
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#speakup barometer | Pakistan

Sources and data on digital participation in Pakistan

The #speakup barometer Pakistan research made use of a number of secondary sources on Internet infrastructure, media and journalism, digital rights and innovation that are compiled in this overview.

#Speakup Barometer Pakistan

Digital technologies in Pakistan: Pakistani vendors use computers to upload music and video files in Faisalabad


Pakistan Today, 2018. Pakistan’s mobile internet users stand at 21 percent of the population: Report

Freedom House, 2018. Freedom on the Net Report

Dawn, 2017. PHC declares provincial sales tax on internet services legal.

Access Now, 2018. Pakistan shuts down the internet three times in one week.

Bytes for All, 2018. Verdict: Islamabad High Court declares network disconnections as illegal.

Tribune, 2018. IHC allows cellular service suspension for time being

Digital Rights Foundation, 2017. Press Release: DRF and NetBlocks find blanket and nation-wide ban on social media in Pakistan and demand it to be lifted immediately.

Bytes for All, 2015.Security v Access: The Impact of Mobile Network Shutdowns, Case Study: Telenor Pakistan.

Open signal, 2018. The State of LTE (February 2018).

Tech Juice, 2018. PTA unveils plan to test 5G in Pakistan next year.

Dawn, 2019. Talks to bring PayPal to Pakistan underway: Asad Umar

Daily Times, 2016. PM inaugurates Pakistan-China Fiber Optic project.


Digital Rights

Facebook, 2018. Content Restrictions Based on Local Law

AFP, 2018: Twitter warns global users their tweets violate Pakistani law

Reuters, 2018. Twitter warns Pakistan rights activists over government criticism.

Dawn, 2019. Govt not behind complaint to Twitter regarding lawyer Reema Omer's tweet: info minister

Government of Pakistan, 2016.Electronic Crimes Law.

Geo TV, 2016. ISI to take action against cyber crimes breaching national security.

Dawn 2017. FIA launches crackdown on ‘anti-army campaigners’.

The Telegraph, 2018. Two Christian brothers sentenced to death for web blasphemy in Pakistan.

The Guardian, 2017. Facebook was where Pakistan could debate religion. Now it's a tool to punish 'blasphemers'.

RT, 2017. Millions of Pakistanis sent govt blasphemy warning by text (PHOTO).

The Nation, 2017. FIA releases ads against ‘social media blasphemers’.

Lobe Log, 2017. Blasphemy: The Unpardonable Offense.

RT, 2017. ‘Skull caved in’: Pakistani journalism student beaten to death for ‘blasphemy’.

Dawn, 2018. Faisal Raza Abidi arrested outside Supreme Court.

Herald, 2019. How social media has become a war zone for competing narratives.

Dawn, 2017. No evidence found against bloggers accused of blasphemy, FIA tells court.

Digital Rights Foundation, 2017. Surveillance Of Female Journalists In Pakistan.

The Wire, 2017. Study in Pakistan Finds 40% Women Harassed Online .

Dawn, 2018. Over 14m users’ data compromised in Careem cyber attack.

Dawn, 2018. 'Almost all' Pakistani banks hacked in security breach, says FIA cybercrime head.

Dawn, 2017.  Virus attack: Land record services suspended in Punjab.


Media and Journalism

Heinrich Boell Foundation, 2018. Pakistan’s cybercrime law: boon or bane?

News Line Magazine, 2019. Dial ‘PMRA’ for a Muzzled Media.

Dawn, 2017. No evidence found against bloggers accused of blasphemy, FIA tells court.

Nayadaur TV

Nayadaur TV, 2019. Electronic media’s doomsday has arrived. Will newsrooms and journalists adapt to meet this challenge?



The Guardian, 2017. Facebook was where Pakistan could debate religion. Now it's a tool to punish 'blasphemers'.

Buzz Feed, 2019. This Woman Found Revenge Porn On Google Drive — And Now She's Fighting Back.

The Diplomat, 2018. The Challenges of Pakistan's Female Journalists.

Global Voices Advocacy, 2018. Media censorship surrounds the Pashtun rights movement in Pakistan.

The Diplomat, 2019. Pakistan’s Twitter Crackdown.

The News, 2018. Pakistan No 1 in Facebook content censorship.

Pakistan Today, 2018. Pakistan behind India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh in digital literacy.                        



Ideagist Pakistan, 2018. List of Startup Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Capital Firms in Pakistan

We Create Center Pakistan, 2019.

Code for Pakistan, 2019.

Daily Pakistan, 2018. ITU announces Center for Civic Innovation to address local problems

Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan Research, 2019.

Aurora, 2016. Creating a ‘Buzz’.


The #speakup barometer is a DW Akademie project that examines the connection between digital participation, freedom of expression and access to information. Learn more at 

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