Visualizing Colombia's overall results | #speakup barometer | Colombia | DW | 08.03.2019
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#speakup barometer | Colombia

Visualizing Colombia's overall results

See the detailed results for all of our five clusters visualized in one chart: Access, Digital Rights, Media and Journalism, Society, and Innovation. Please click to enlarge the image.

This image allows you to see status of digital participation in Colombia in our five clusters: Digital Rights, Access, Media and Journalism, Society and Innovation. 

Colombia scores especially high in the thematic areas of access and innovation. The number of people accessing the Internet in Colombia continues to rise and the new government is promising to close the digital divide. The Colombian government also invests a great deal to encourage innovation and the country has become a very attractive market for global tech firms. However, digital rights are under threat. A widespread state surveillance network inhibits freedom of speech. The insecure financing of digital media outlets also has a negative impact on the working conditions for journalists.

Each spoke represents the results of one of our clusters. That means that the length of the spoke visualizes the magnitude of digital participation for the respective cluster. As well, all of the spokes together form a surface that indicates the level of participation through a colour range. The colour ranges from red in the middle to green in the outer part of the spokes. All in all, the radar chart enables to see the overall results as well as the cluster-specific results in one view. 

To read more about the colour code of the #speakup barometer, please follow this link