Innovative digital media outlets, digital rights projects, and tech hubs from across Colombia | #speakup barometer | Colombia | DW | 07.03.2019
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#speakup barometer | Colombia

Innovative digital media outlets, digital rights projects, and tech hubs from across Colombia

Colombia's digital landscape is rapidly changing. Alongside innovative tech hubs and co-working spaces, digital rights organizations and digital news outlets are flourishing – due in part to Colombia's recent past.

Digital media:

Innovation in media is promoted by several organizations in Colombia. They include:

Consejo de Redacción (DW Akademie partner) - An organization that promotes investigative journalism in Colombia, contributing to the democratization of information since 2008. It offers an exchange, expertise, and training for journalists, and also produces its own media content. Website:Consejo de Redaccion

Connectas - A non-profit organization that connects professional journalists all over Latin America by promoting the production, sharing, training, and dissemination of information. They also aim to function as a logistical hub that provides technical support. Website: Connectas

Agenda Propia - A digital media outlet of Colombian origin. Their main task is to carry out journalistic specials on social issues with a deep focus on stories of indigenous peoples and minority groups. Website Agenda Propia


A number of digital media startups have been founded in Colombia in recent years. Some of these projects are considered flagships within Latin America. A selection:

ColombiaCheck - A project launched by Consejo de Redaccíon in 2016 during the peace talks between the government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). It is the first fact-checking website in Colombia. Website: Colombiacheck

Cuestión Pública - An independent investigative journalism site focused on documenting abuses of power. It was founded by three renowned Colombian journalists. Website:Cuestionpublica

Datasketch - A platform for investigative and data journalism that not only launches its own investigations but also provides a great deal of information, tools and research about the topic. Website: Datasketch

HolaSoyDanny - A political YouTuber with more than 600,000 subscribers. YouTube Channel: 

La Cola de Rata - Investigative news site from Pereira in the coffee growing region of Colombia. It started as a university project. Website: La Cola de Rata

La Silla Vacía - Probably the most famous of the new digital media outlets in Colombia, supported in part through crowdsourcing. Founder and director Juanita León is a frequent speaker at conferences all over the continent. Website: La Silla Vacia

Las 2 Orillas - Another relatively big independent political news site. It tries to provide "space to those voices and viewpoints lost throughout the national territory." Website: Las 2 Orillas

La Pulla - Successful YouTube news videos directed at young Colombians. The project was founded under the umbrella of the "El Espectador" newspaper but is financed independently from the parent company. YouTube Channel: La Pulla

Mutante - Founded in 2018, this journalistic website focuses on sexual violence against girls. Website: mutante

¡Pacifista! - A project by Vice that tells stories about the Colombian peace process. Website: pacifista!

Rutas del Conflicto - A news portal that follows the trail of the armed conflict in Colombia. Winner at the Data Journalism Awards in 2017. Website:Rutas del Conflicto

Verdad Abierta - A media outlet with an investigative approach specializing in the Colombian armed conflict. Website:


Digital Rights and Education:

There are several organizations in Colombia fighting for digital rights and working within the field of digital education, often with a focus on security.

Colnodo - A civil society organization that wants to improve the quality of life of people in Colombia by promoting a strategic use of the Internet for development. Their projects include the improvement of Internet access in rural areas. Website: Colnodo

FLIP – Foundation for Press Freedom - fights for freedom of expression offline and online, with a particular emphasis on the regions. Website:FLIP

Karisma Foundation - Very active NGO that promotes human rights in the digital world by engaging in advocacy work and research and by providing digital security training. Website: Fundación Karisma

JuvenTIC - An NGO project that aims to increase educational and employment opportunities for young people in Colombia. Website: Juventic

Makaia - A Medellín-based NGO that wants to encourage social development through technology and innovation. It has several projects to improve Internet access in rural areas and digital education. Website: MAKAIA

Escuela TIC Familia - A government initiative to promote responsible use of information technology within families. Website: Escuela TIC Familia

Hacemos MEMORIA - A project to promote the peace process in Colombia. Together with local partners in Granada and Sonsón, DW Akademie supports the journalistic debate on the conflict. For the first time ever, project partners from both cities report on their experiences in videos. The project will expand to include the municipalities of El Carmen de Viboral and San Carlos.  Website:Hacemos Memoria



In Colombia, tech hubs and co-working spaces have emerged where entrepreneurs working on and inventing innovative smartphone apps can find a place. Some examples include: - is a government initiative to boost the Colombian start-up scene by helping entrepreneurs build innovative smartphone apps. Website:

Comproagro - A social network that brings together farmers and consumers via an app. The aim is for farmers to receive more of the profit by selling directly. Website: Comproagro

HubBOG - A co-working space in Bogotá that calls itself a “Campus for Startups.” It works closely together with the initiative. Website: Hub BOG

Impact Hub Bogotá - The Bogotá offshoot of Impact Hub, a co-working network that focuses on entrepreneurs with a social vision. Website: IMPACT HUB BOGOTÁ

Ruta N - Ruta N in Medellín is a technology and innovation center often described as a role model. Website:Ruta N



The #speakup barometer is a DW Akademie project that examines the connection between digital participation, freedom of expression and access to information. Learn more at

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