Traineeship curriculum | Program | DW | 09.11.2023
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Traineeship curriculum

DW’s bilingual international traineeship gives you the ABC's of journalism. Putting everything into practice is the motto here: after each seminar module you'll have a placement with a DW editorial department.

The bilingual international traineeship (German/English) is structures as follows:   

The traineeship contains of an 18 month-long journalistic training program.

Seminar modules alternate with  internships in editorial departments so you can put into practice what you’ve just learned. 

As a rule, the volunteers are in Bonn from January to the end of October; during this period, the seminar blocks and editorial stations take place in the editorial offices in Bonn.

November and December are reserved for your elective station and your annual leave.

From January onwards, you will go to one of the DW foreign bureaus and to the Berlin editorial studios; the exact period of your stay in the foreign bureau varies and will be announced at the latest at the beginning of your traineeship (a maximum of two trainees can work in a foreign bureau at the same time). 

The traineeship includes: 

  • six months of theory and practice-oriented seminar modules in German and English  
  • nine months of placements with various DW editorial departments in Bonn, Berlin and one of our foreign bureaus  
  • a one-month internship elective 

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