How is the traineeship structured? | Traineeship | DW | 23.10.2020
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How is the traineeship structured?

Our traineeship will start in September and during the 18 month-long program there will be three seminar modules (two months each and in Bonn), four months of internships in Bonn, 6 months of internships in Berlin. Also, there will be two months of internships in one of our foreign bureaus in Brussels or Washington. Additionally, you will have an internship elective and a cross-media project at the end of the program.

The internship elective and the placement at Deutschlandradio/SWR - is only one month long. 


Seminar module 1 in Bonn

Journalism basics: Media experts introduce you to research methods, interview techniques, reporting skills and multimedia storytelling. You also learn more about editing and content management systems. All instructors are native speakers of English or German.


On the job 1 in Bonn

Right from the start you become part of a Bonn-based editorial department (online or radio) and are involved in their daily routine. Seasoned DW editors give you support where needed.


Seminar module 2 in Bonn

In-depth: You learn additional journalistic formats both in theory and practice, writing reports and opinion pieces and practicing live reporting for radio and television. You receive training as a video journalist and produce a television program with the other trainees.


On the job 2 in Bonn

You’re back with an editorial department in Bonn full of new ideas and input. You produce multimedia content and become increasingly involved in program planning. Seasoned editors give you support where needed.


Seminar module 3 in Bonn

Creative journalism: This is where you put traditional reporting aside and are introduced to mobile reporting, social media, process journalism and other journalistic formats, techniques and systems. You practice presenting television and radio programs and create multimedia projects in groups.


On the job 3 in Berlin, Brussels or Washington

DW has foreign bureaus in Brussels and Washington DC. Additionally, you will work at DW’s TV departments in Berlin. You complete an internship with one of them, assisting the editors based there. 


An internship elective of your choice

This is where you organize your own internship and we provide any necessary tips or advice. Whether you’re interested in CNN in Atlanta, a citizen radio station in Namibia or are aiming to focus on investigative journalism in Colombia – there’s a world of media opportunities out there.


Multimedia project

The grand finale: The trainees get together as one team and develop their final project. And just like the trainees themselves, it’s innovative, creative and so much more than that.