Seminar modules | Traineeship | DW | 16.09.2014
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Seminar modules

The seminar modules are at the heart of the traineeship: we offer a total of six months of practice-oriented seminars in English and German. Journalism is constantly changing, so we aim to keep our curriculum up to date.

That's why you might sometimes find new components that you weren’t expecting. 

At the beginning...'s back to journalism basics: storytelling, research, news, interviews and social media production that fits the platform. We believe team building is important. We'll introduce you to DW's journalistic guidelines and talk about media systems and the importance of freedom of expression. The first seminar block focuses primarily on content, discussion and the culture of debate. Which topics are relevant and how can they best be communicated? Another aspect is critical analysis, which is central to DW's traineeship. You'll also get a sense of Deutsche Welle from the inside. And we'll look at the technical aspects that you need to know in order to work at DW: video and audio editing, CMS and access to news agencies. 

Data journalism, podcasts and "Explain the world"...  

...that's the name of the workshop where trainees practice new techniques for producing explainer videos. The goal is to reach new, young target groups. We'll also look at long reads and commentaries, and at an approach that's become increasingly important at DW (and elsewhere): constructive journalism. There'll also be forays into investigative journalism. The second seminar block gives you a deeper understanding of journalism and the skills needed. You'll constantly practice the forms and formats that you're learning – because theory is one thing but applying it again and again is another. That's our concept of a comprehensive journalism traineeship. A visit to re:publika is also planned and you'll certainly take part in DW's annual Global Media Forum as a reporter, moderator or community manager.  


....everyone can be creative, but the type of creativity we promote is innovative and can bring about changes. We see DW's traineeship as a lab where journalistic formats can be developed and contribute to making DW even better. The third semester module focuses on design thinking and video and TV .   

“Classic" television components remain part of the traineeship – from TV moderation and live appearances to magazine features and documentaries. But being creative here also means going beyond conventional reporting. Our trainees show their creativity through the various projects they work on. They also receive all-round VJ training. 


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