Sources and data on digital participation in Kenya | #speakup barometer | Kenya | DW | 18.01.2019
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#speakup barometer | Kenya

Sources and data on digital participation in Kenya

The #speakup barometer Kenya research made use of a number of secondary sources on Internet infrastructure, media and journalism, digital rights and innovation that are compiled in this overview.


Kenyan National Bureau of Statistics, 2018. Quarter Four statistics 2018.

Alliance for Affordable Internet,2017. Mobile Broadband Pricing Data.

GSMA, 2016. Connected Societies: Consumer barriers to mobile internet adoption in Africa.

Communications Authority Kenya, 2018. National ICT Surevey 2018.

SDG Funders, 2013. Kenya’s Medium Term Plan 2013-2017.

Communications Authority of Kenya, 2018. Universal Service Fund Framework.

The Daily Nation, 2019. Telcos connect remote areas in Sh1.2bn deal.



Digital Rights

Article 19,2018. Kenya: Passage of flawed Computer and Cybercrimes Act threatens free expression.

BAKE, 2018. BAKE to challenge the constitutionality of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act.

Rödl & Partner, 2018. The Computer Misuse and Cybercrimes Act.

Channel 4 News , 2018. Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming reveals election tricks.

Privacy International, 2018. Submissions of Comments on the Data Protection Bill, 2018.

The Citizen Lab, 2018. Hide and Seek – Tracking NSO Group’ss Pegasus Spyware to Operations in 45 Countries.

Privacy International, 2017. Track, Capture, Kill: Inside Communications Surveilannce and Counterterrorism in Kenya.


Media and Journalism

GeoPoll, 2018. The reality of Fake News in Kenya.

Standard, 2017. Fake news by bloggers could mess Kenya’s 2017 elections.

Nation Media Group, 2018. Nation Kiki. Youtube:

Poynter, 2017. How the Daily Nation used fact-checking as an antidote to poisoned election coverage.

The Daily Nation, 2017. Before you vote: The truth about lowering the cost of living.

The Media Council of Kenya on Twitter, 2018.

Freedom House, 2018. Freedom on The Net Report Kenya.



Ventureburn, 2018. Here`s what you need to know about Kenya’s tech startup ecosystem.

Quartz, 2018. Startup venture funding jumped more than 50% in Africa last year to a record high.

Forbes, 2016. Kenya’s iHub Enters a New Chapter.

Quartz, 2017. Kenya’s newest tech hubs are sprouting outside its “Silicon Savannah” in Nairobi.

Ndemo, Bitange, and Weiss, Tim. 2018. Book Title: Digital Kenya – An Entrepreneural Revolution in the Making. London: Palgrave.


The #speakup barometer is a DW Akademie project that examines the connection between digital participation, freedom of expression and access to information. Learn more at