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DWA IFD Dossier Header
The Process

Welcome to Reclaiming Social Media, a project by DW Akademie that explores unique and remarkable ways media outlets and journalists are enhancing constructive public dialogue on social media.

Learn more about the project's achievements:

Step 1

We undertook research on the current challenges brought about by social media. The research team developed situation analyses on five core issues in their respective regions.

Step 2

The researchers embarked on regional explorations, and identified over 80 innovative initiatives aimed at addressing the current challenges hindering constructive dialogue on social media.

Step 3

We selected promising initiatives to enhance constructive public dialogue, dissecting their approaches and created detailed case studies and articles.

Step 4

In a workshop held in Bonn, we brought together the research team to review and consolidate the findings. We discussed actionable recommendations for various actors to foster constructive dialogue on social media.

Step 5

Our journey continues as we progress into the next phase: embarking on regional consultations to discuss and refine these recommendations, tailoring them to the specific local environments.

Meet the team
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The Challenges

We have identified five key challenges that hinder constructive public dialogue on social media:

Digitale Kluft

Digital Divide 12.09.2023

Moderation des Dialogs

Moderation of Dialogue 12.09.2023

Algorithmen erhöhen die Polarisation

Algorithms Increase Polarization 12.09.2023

Trolling und Belästigung

Trolling and Harassment 12.09.2023

DW Akademie Propaganda und Desinformation/Illustration

Propaganda and Disinformation 12.09.2023

The Case studies

Amid these challenges, media professionals have creatively – and often bravely – pushed against the tide to carve out spaces for discussions on topics of public interest. We hope these practices resonate, inspire and act as a catalyst towards improved online public spaces.

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