Google maps the future for a courier | #speakup barometer | Kenya | DW | 09.01.2019
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#speakup barometer | Kenya

Google maps the future for a courier

For motorbike courier Julius, Google Maps has become an indispensable assistant, giving him an edge over the competition. But keeping his phone charged is still his biggest challenge.

#speakup barometer Kenya

Even if Internet comes with a cost, the Internet promotes Julius Gone business as a motorbike courier.

Motorbike courier, Julius Gone, has built a reputation for reliability. Using mobile maps to quickly ferry clients or goods from A to B with little fuss or distraction. Fewer delays means more jobs, more jobs means more money. As long as his phone is connected to the Internet there is practically no place he cannot find, that is when he has power.

The internet has saved me the hassle of having to stop to ask for directions as I often used to do. Stopping for directions wastes time for the client and consumes a lot of my working time. Although Internet comes with a cost, it saves me time, and makes me more reliable to my clients.  I even make more money because I have many clients who trust that I am reliable and punctual. My challenge is that the Internet consumes a lot of power from my phone, so I have to always carry a power bank with me every day to charge my phone.