A photographer embraces digital | #speakup barometer | Kenya | DW | 09.01.2019
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#speakup barometer | Kenya

A photographer embraces digital

For photographer Benard the real-life impact of the Internet cannot be overstated. Rather than travelling long distances to print images now he can share work digitally with clients — cutting waste and saving time.

Benard hails from Mutumbu village in Kenya’s far west. Like many the Internet has changed his private and professional life. The Internet has allowed him to streamline his photography business. He also prefers to get his news on the internet, since in his view, both radio and TV news is "stale". Through Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp updates, he keeps up with what‘s happening locally and around the world.

Social media allows me to get real-time news and information on developments around the world. I also use Instagram to showcase my photography work. Other social media platforms are also important because they help me advertise my work. As a photographer, most of my clients prefer soft copies of their photos. I therefore take photos and share with them on WhatsApp from the comfort of home without having to travel to the cyber café, which is 30 kilometers away. My only challenge is that Internet is becoming more expensive after taxes led to the increase in the cost of communication, which has impacted the cost of buying data bundles.