Tune in: DW Akademie launches new podcast on successful media business models | Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast | DW | 25.04.2023
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Survive and Thrive

Tune in: DW Akademie launches new podcast on successful media business models

DW Akademie’s new monthly podcast "Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast" starts April 29. Media professionals from around the world share experiences in developing innovative and sustainable business models.

It's become increasingly difficult for independent media around the world to survive: among the many challenges are increasing restrictions on press freedoms and freedom of expression, threats against media professionals and the public’s dwindling trust. In addition to financial struggles, many news organizations have also been affected by the pandemic, violent conflicts, natural disasters and increasing cyberattacks.

Episode 01: How to survive and thrive in exile with Iryna Vidanava, Belarus

How, then, do media outlets overcome these challenges? What motivates media professionals around the world to continue? DW Akademie's new monthly podcast, "Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast" looks at funding models, success strategies and how to learn from bad decisions. The English-language podcast season starts April 29, with new episodes on the last Saturday of every month.  

The podcast’s first guest is Iryna Vidanava, the CEO and founder of CityDog. The online city magazine was originally based in the Belarus capital, Minsk, but following repressions and intimidation, the team now reports from exile. Still, Vidanava says the magazine's core mission hasn't changed: to build an active community of civil society in Minsk as well as abroad.

Weißrussland | Proteste | Pressefreiheit

"The press is sacred": people supporting media workers at a rally in September in Minsk, Belarus. At protests, after the results of the presidential election had been announced, journalists reporting on the outcome were arrested

The CityDog team focuses on telling positive stories and persevering, says Vidanava, despite having had to adjust their entire previous business model. It has not been easy, and that becomes clear in a conversation with podcast host and DW Business anchor, Janelle Dumalaon.  

Janelle Dumalaon GMF 2023

DW Business news anchor and host of the new DW Akademie podcast, Janelle Dumalaon

"Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast" is available on all major platforms, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Apple Podcasts and Deezer. The podcast can also be subscribed to on YouTubeand on LinkedIn. 


The project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). 


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