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Tackling disinformation: A learning guide banner, DW Akademie
Deep Dives

Tackling Disinformation: A Learning Guide is aimed at helping those already working in the field, or directly impacted by the issues, such as media professionals, civil society actors, DW Akademie partners and experts. It offers insights for evaluating media development activities and rethinking approaches to disinformation, alongside practical solutions and expert advice, with a focus on the Global South and Eastern Europe. 

Designing strategies
Global South: Insights into disinformation
Tips, tools and approaches
Definitions and concepts

Claire Wardle: Let's focus on community information needs!

Expert Claire Wardle says to tackle disinformation, make content for the dynamic, participatory information landscape.

Lessons learned from Africa
Lessons learned from Eastern Europe
Disinformation & AI
Food for thought

DW's fact check team