Fighting misinformation in Africa: Inside PesaCheck's fact-checking mission | tackling-disinformation-learning-guide | DW | 04.04.2024
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Tackling disinformation: A learning guide

Fighting misinformation in Africa: Inside PesaCheck's fact-checking mission

Join PesaCheck's Doreen Wainainah as she delves into how Africa's largest fact-checking organization tackles misinformation.

PesaCheck, incubated by Code for Africa, is dedicated to debunking falsehoods and ensuring the flow of accurate information. From the misinformation waves during the pandemic to political turmoil, discover how PesaCheck and its network are battling the tide of disinformation with innovative strategies and collaborative efforts.

This video is part of Tackling Disinformation: A Learning Guide produced by DW Akademie.

The Learning Guide includes explainers, videos and articles aimed at helping those already working in the field or directly impacted by the issues, such as media professionals, civil society actors, DW Akademie partners and experts.

It offers insights for evaluating media development activities and rethinking approaches to disinformation, alongside practical solutions and expert advice, with a focus on the Global South and Eastern Europe.

  • Date 04.04.2024
  • Duration 09:28 mins.
  • Author Steffen Leidel, Anette Breuker
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