Stay informed: Resources and initiatives | #mediadev | DW | 17.04.2020
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COVID-19 response

Stay informed: Resources and initiatives

A thematic selection of links to help you track novel coronavirus-related trends in the media development field.

A Journalist in Beawar, India, covers the nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

A Journalist in Beawar, India, covers the nationwide lockdown imposed in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

1.    Safety

Safety advisory: Covering the coronavirus outbreak
Committee to Protect Journalists
Comprehensive advice for journalists, including recommendations on digital safety and psychological wellbeing.

Ethical reporting in the time of COVID-19
Ethical Journalism Network
Recommendations on media ethics, safety and mental health, highlighting the importance of ethical reporting.

How to deal with trauma while reporting on COVID-19
Global Investigative Journalism Network
Practical advice for media professionals in five languages.

Reporting on COVID-19: SAFETY
Thomson Foundation, International Federation of Journalists, Dart Centre Europe
Online course on how to stay safe when covering epidemics and pandemics, including examples of best practices and a series of exercises. Time commitment: approximately 4 hours. 

2.    Media freedom violations

#Tracker 19
Reporters Without Borders
Live updates on the pandemic’s impact on press freedom, tracking censorship, attacks on media professionals and disinformation campaigns.

COVID-19 Media Freedom Monitoring 
International Press Institute
Overview of press freedom violations by region, including arrests of media professionals for COVID-19 related reporting, and other attacks on media freedom.

COVID-19 Tracker
Centre for Law and Democracy
Database tracking alterations to or suspensions of right to information legislation under the pretext of fighting the pandemic.

Disease Control?
Index on Censorship
Project mapping media freedom violations in countries around the world. 

3.    Media viability

Emergency funding to support media in the COVID-19 pandemic
Global Forum for Media Development
List of commitments by the private sector and non-profits to financially support media organizations and journalists.

Managing the newsroom and wider publishing challenges during COVID-19
Information on how newsrooms around the world are covering the coronavirus pandemic, including stories addressing the business impact.

How to minimize the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on your media business
Media Development Investment Fund
Recommendations for media outlets on how to handle the crisis, available in 7 languages

4.    Misinformation and disinformation

International Fact-Checking Network: #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance
Poynter Institute
Collaborative fact checking project, uniting more than 100 fact-checkers around the world.

Internews, Translators without Borders, BBC Media Action, Evidence Aid
Weekly bulletin with tools for media professionals and NGOs, providing quality resources and fact-checked information.

COVID-19 Resource Hub
EU DisinfoLab 
Resources and weekly updates with insights into the narratives and trends defining the infodemic, as well as strategies to combat it.

5.    Coverage

Global Health Crisis Reporting Forum
International Center for Journalists
Resources on covering COVID-19 in seven languages, including journalism tips, webinars, and research.

Tips for Journalists Covering COVID-19
Global Investigative Journalism Network
Guide to covering the crisis with tips on sources, reporting, and protection. In 13 languages.

Covering COVID-19: Advice and resources for journalists
Practical tips for journalists reporting on the crisis, including choosing stories, conflict-sensitive reporting, and safety. A comprehensive guide can be downloaded (pdf).

Resource Center of Responses to COVID-19
Actions to support media, promote access to information, and leverage digital technologies in the fight against the pandemic.


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