Virtual Event Guide - A guidebook for how to roadmap your online event | Publications | DW Akademie | DW | 25.11.2021
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Virtual Event Guide - A guidebook for how to roadmap your online event

Online events have become more popular but success is not guaranteed. This guidebook supplies organizers with fresh ideas for making an event compelling along with tips and worksheets. Download the guidebook here.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, online events have become more popular than ever and are likely here to stay. Dozens of digital platforms are now available, ranging from free "do-it-yourself" event platforms to apps and to full-service corporate conference services. This has created novel opportunities for organizations and institutions to connect with new audiences, maintain ties with existing communities and foster new kinds of collaboration via the internet.

But going "virtual" also comes with new pitfalls. Many existing difficulties in organizing events remain, though now in different forms. Access to digital events can impose hurdles due to technology, infrastructure and internet access. With so much of our lives now online, many people suffer from digital fatigue, while others still struggle with poor connectivity and difficulty accessing internet-based events.

The aim of this guidebook is to walk you through – step by step – how to best organize digital events from the concept phase to planning to going live. It includes processes to help you learn from your experiences and improve your future events. This manual will not only assist you in organizing online events that work towards your goals, but in creating digital experiences that attract the right audience and help you connect with them.

Download the guidebook here: Virtual Event Guide | pdf 

The guidebook offers a roadmap for success and is based on the practical experience that DW Akademie and its partner organizations have gained through staging online events during the pandemic.

We hope this practical guide – and the case studies included – will provide you and your organization with the strategy and information needed for creating meaningful interaction with your audience through successful online events.

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