Struggling with homeschooling? Just turn on the radio! | transparency-and-media-freedom | DW | 17.12.2021
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Transparency and Media Freedom

Struggling with homeschooling? Just turn on the radio!

Due to the pandemic, students in Bolivia were falling behind. But they're now back on track, thanks to Radio Escuela.

Bolivien Schulfunk

Fernando Sebastian Revollo Rodriguez is a huge fan of "Radio Escuela"

Virtual teaching formats have been vital during the pandemic. While this has worked well in the cities, it has been a challenge for Bolivia's rural regions. With poor internet connections and a lack of computer equipment, school children often cannot take part in the lessons. Their parents can't offer support their kids either because new media tools are a challenge for them, as well.

There was a simple and innovative solution. Since September 2021,"Radio Escuela" ("school radio") has broadcast more than 100 educational radio programs to students in Bolivia's rural regions. The Bolivian community radio network CEPRA (Centro de Producción Radiofónica) produces these broadcasts with support from DW Akademie, as part of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Nearly 20 local radio stations are broadcasting the programs and they now reach more than 25,000 students in four rural regions in central Bolivia. CEPRA has also developed learning materials such as brochures, worksheets and games and distributes these to their young audience. Through "Radio Escuela", the children practice independent learning and acquire a critical approach to the media. They learn how to assess and check information and can then pass this new knowledge on to their families.

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