Radio in a post-pandemic world: Tools and strategies for the 'new normal' | Publications | DW Akademie | DW | 25.11.2020
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Radio in a post-pandemic world: Tools and strategies for the 'new normal'

​​​​​​​Strategies for how community media outlets can continue to serve their audiences through the uncertainty of a post-coronavirus environment. 

The coronavirus pandemic has made businesses, schools, governments and families heavily reliant on information and communication technologies (ICT) to keep up to date on the virus and related protection measures. ICTs will continue to play a major role in the expected "new normal" that will follow.

What will be the role of community media in this new reality? "Radio in a post-pandemic world" offers community media useful tools and proven strategies to better navigate future challenges.   

Part one presents a number of tools available for producing, recording and broadcasting engaging content. It is not a compilation of production software already known to radio stations – such as audio editing tools – but a comprehensive toolbox for decentralized, collaborative work. These are mostly open-source or free applications that are functional, adaptable and offer a high degree of security options to protect against digital threats. Though many are free of charge, it is advisable to support the people who develop them. 

Part two proposes ten strategies radio stations can incorporate into their communication practices with regards to freedom of opinion and access to information. It also lays out a plan for how stations can achieve a relevant and trusted position within the post-pandemic information landscape. These strategies were identified and systematized based on project experiences that have already been put into practice. They feature creative means of addressing various information challenges as well as lessons learned. 

Radios in the post-pandemic world is the first publication in DW Akademie's new series "Powerful voices. Community Media in Latin America".

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