Program Structure | Curriculum | International Media Studies | DW | 15.01.2020
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Program Structure

The Masters's Program International Media Studies offers a combination of theory and practical experience in four semesters. Students will acquire the skills that are essential for a journalistic career.

In the first and second semester information on the interrelations between media, politics and society as well as comprehension of media development politics and knowledge of journalism, media economics and management are being delivered to the students. The acquisition of key competencies like communication and presentation skills as well as intercultural know-how is a further component of the first year of study.

In the third semester the block courses on empiricism, media planning and user research form the pillars of the study plan. They are being supplemented by interdisciplinary courses in project management as well as leadership. Further, in the area "Media", study projects in media or communication science are required. The development of the Master's Thesis shall be carried our in the fourth semester, concluding with a Master's Thesis Colloquium.

Modules and Credit Points

The course subjects of the Master's Program are organized according to modules. Specific topics are assigned for each of these modules every semester. Each module will include up to three lectures covering similar topics and conclude with an examination covering the entire module. The four-semester program includes 14 modules that must be completed.

30 Credit Points (CP) will be allocated for every semester. This correlates to a workload of 900 hours. One Credit Point (30 hours of work) includes the attendance, preparation and studying required for the lecture, studying for tests, reading and the completion of assignments, compositions, presentations, etc.

You will find the Module Handbook, an overview of the Credit Points of each module and other relevant information for download in our FAQ section.

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