Profile: Robi Koki Ochieng | Media Viability Ambassadors | DW | 13.03.2024
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Media Viability Ambassador from Kenya

Profile: Robi Koki Ochieng

Robi Koki Ochieng is a transformative educator committed to shaping media narratives and fostering positive change in the media space through media viability and engagement in media practice research.

Strengths as a media viability expert:

  • Basic Human Resources  
  • Basic Accounting   
  • Audience Research and Prototyping,  
  • Digital Trends  
  • Digital Marketing  
  • Strategic Communications

Main services offered: 

  •  Consultancy, mentoring and coaching 
  • Curriculum development  
  •  Coordination and training facilitation 
  •  Media monitoring research and communication baseline surveys 
  •  Media advocacy and policy suggestions  

Working languages: 

  • English 
  • Kiswahili 
  • Kamba  
  • Kuria  

References (a selection): 

  • Association of Media Women in Kenya - AMWIK (Research: Investigating the prevalence of online gender-based violence against women and training curriculum development)
  • Africa Women in Media - AWIM (Media monitoring research: young women politician visibility research in Kenya, curriculum & media kit)
  • HIVOs (Perception Survey: Voices for Just Action, Kenya: Climate Communications Research)


You can find me at: 

Robi Ochieng at work.

Robi Ochieng at work.


My post CV: Who I am - in 180 characters:

Robi is  an academic leader at USIU-Africa who has carried out research and curriculum consulting for AMWIK, HIVOS, AWIM and ARTICLE 19EA, championing women around the globe. 


This is my core message about media viability:

The DWA Media Viability Project assists the media industry in Africa, Asia, and South America through consulting. It equips media houses to create content that resonates with audiences; embraces new digital technologies and to thrive in the ever-changing media landscape.  


I want to contribute strengthening media viability by...

I want to contribute to strengthening the media, by leveraging my extensive communication and media expertise. I am also intentional about empowering media organizations as they navigate challenges such as financial sustainability, audience engagement, and digital transformation.


I am inspired by...

... the transformative power of inclusive media ecosystems in driving democratic values. Through my work in media viability, I aim to uplift and empower marginalized voices.


Other things you should know about me, my expertise and experience:

Robi’s has a multifaceted career as an academic, seasoned researcher and consultant, a grants manager, and as a prominent media figure who shapes public discourse on gender, governance, climate and the media. She is passionate about media’s transformative power and champions media viability, positive change  and elevating media standards.  

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