How do I apply online? | FAQ | DW | 25.11.2020
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How do I apply online?

1. Please click the link to the online application portal. 

2. To change the language settings to English, please select 'English' in the drop-down menu on the bottom right corner. 

3. Please select “Application Master’s degree” in the menu at the top, then “Admission-free Master's degree programs” on the next page to get further information on the application process.  

4. Registration is required to apply, so please create an account before starting your application. You will receive login credentials for the portal via email. Please note that at the end of each application period, all application-related data and inactive accounts are deleted. An account is considered inactive if there are currently no applications and the last successful login was more than six months ago.  

5. Now you can start your application. When you log in for the first time, you can select whether you would like to receive automatic updates if the status of your application changes or if you would like to check your status manually. We strongly recommend you activate the update notifications. You can always change your notification settings in the application overview box on the right-hand side.  

6. In the next step, please select “Winter Semester 2022/23”. You can change the semester in the drop-down menu at the top of the application overview page. 

7. You can now start your application by clicking “Add a request”. Select “Master of Arts” as the degree, then "International Media Studies" as the course of study and “1. study program semester” for when you would like to begin your studies.  

8. Now enter your personal data in the designated fields. Please note that fields marked with "*" are mandatory and you must upload all corresponding documents before you proceed to the next step. If the mandatory fields have not been filled in or a document is missing, you will receive a red error notification and the respective fields will be marked in red as well. Next to each yellow information icon, instructions or additional information are provided. On the right-hand side you will see your personal information including your applicant number as well as further information on how to use the application portal and the registrar’s office contact.  

9. After filling in all sections of the application and uploading all required documents, you will be asked to check and confirm your entries before submitting your application. Please ensure all your entries are correct and the documents you uploaded adhere to the program’s requirements.  

10. After submitting your application, you will see it listed under “submitted requests” and the status will read “received”. Please note that after your application has been reviewed and deemed to be complete, you will not be able to make any amendments. If you are asked to revise certain entries or uploads, please select “withdraw and edit request” to make the necessary corrections and resubmit your application. If you would like to withdraw your application entirely, please select “withdraw request”. 

DW recommends

International Media Studies: Registrar’s office, Ira Fröhlich and Irene Najjemba

Registrar's office

Mon - Fri | 9 am - 4 pm (UTC+1)


T:+ 49.228.429-2892

Bewerbungsprozss IMS

Application Process

Applications for the fall intake of the IMS Master's Degree are now closed.