DW Learn German tops one million registered users | Who we are | DW | 30.10.2023
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Press release

DW Learn German tops one million registered users

With DW Learn German, people around the globe are successfully learning and teaching the German language. The learning platform has just reached a million registered users.

DW Akademie is pleased to announce that, as of October 2023, it has more than a million registered users on its platform "DW Learn German". These learners are around the globe and are learning German for a variety of purposes and at different levels. The free platform includes both entire courses as well as individual lessons, so beginning and advanced learners alike can practice with German idioms and culture. 

Moreover, DW Learn German makes learning the language fun and natural, according to Mirzokhid Mukhsidov from Uzbekistan. He learned German with the course "Nicos Weg," (Nico's Way), in which the educational content is presented as a thrilling series about a Spanish student and his initial experiences in a new country. 

"The topic is so interesting," says Mukhsidov. It’s not just about language exercises but also specific cultural impressions in Germany which Mukhsidov has found lacking in other language courses. Meanwhile, he is now living in Germany and has himself experienced exactly what the video’s protagonist has, too – such as looking for a place to live.  

"So, I saw the cultural lessons with my own eyes," he says. 

Teachers are also enthusiastic about DW Learn German’s capability. Amra Islamagic from Bosnia has been teaching German for 15 years and finds that "Nicos Weg" is a good audio-visual complement to lessons. The course, as well, is a valuable pick-me-up for learners who could get easily bored. For Islamagic, DW Learn German has yet another appeal, for as a student, she dreamed of becoming a journalist. 

"This is why I’m personally very happy about the materials and I why I readily add it to my lessons," she said.

German courses are themselves a unique DW product 

German courses have long been one of DW’s unique selling points. But telenovelas and music have also meanwhile become a component of DW Learn German. Most of the platform’s multimedia content includes interactive activities which can be directly worked on and feedback is instantly produced. 

New registrants can have their learning progress monitored and saved. Users can learn at their own pace, identify their weaknesses and build on their strengths. About 58 percent of site visitors become registered users. 

"We are overjoyed to see that our Learn German offering is so well-received," says André Moeller, Head of Educational Programs at DW Akademie. "The high number of registrations is impressive proof that the users are actively engaging with the content. They have a long-term interest in the offering and in Deutsche Welle." 

Moeller says the courses will continue to attract interest. The platform’s 15 current languages of instruction will be increased and new formats are also planned in the coming year in an effort to enable more people to learn German.



Contact: bildung@dw.com


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