Learn German on the go and free of charge with "unicorn rock" and a telenovela | Who we are | DW | 22.06.2023
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Who we are

Learn German on the go and free of charge with "unicorn rock" and a telenovela

Whether you're just starting out or already advanced, the DW Learn German platform is aimed at learners at all levels.

Auftritt der Band ok.danke.tschüß

"Unicorn Rock" at the University of Vienna during the German Teachers' Conference in August 2022. Promoting the German language plays an important role in international dialogue

The telenovela "Nicos Weg" (Nico's Way) offers 228 lessons at level A1 and above so users can start learning German or deepen their language skills. Learners meet the young Spaniard Nico upon his arrival in Germany and accompany him as he navigates everyday life in a new country. The course is available in 14 languages, including Arabic, Brazilian, English, French, Farsi and Ukrainian. 

For advanced learners, there are slowly spoken news reports and – in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut – music for learning German. With lyrics like "Sprache ist der Schlüssel, dein Herz ist das Schloss” (“Language is the key, your heart is the lock"), the band ok.danke.tschüss inspires enthusiasm for the German language. The Mannheim band describes its poetic musical style itself as "unicorn rock." Interactive tasks complement the music and can be worked on directly on a smartphone or tablet so users receive immediate feedback. Social media offerings such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok also allow for interaction. 

Teachers who want to use the free teaching material in the classroom can download comprehensive accompanying materials. Worksheets, didactic tips or even entire lessons can also be used both on- and offline.

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