Conferences | Research | DW | 08.10.2019
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DW Akademie annually holds the international academic symposium "Media Dialogue". IMS students and instructors also regularly attend related academic conferences in Germany and abroad.

Deutsche Welle Media Dialogue
Academic Symposium, Bonn
Since 2010 (annually)

DW Akademie invites international media scholars to the annual symposium in cooperation with the University of Applied Science Bonn-Rhein-Sieg and the University of Bonn. Researchers have the opportunity to present and discuss their projects and studies on national and international media systems. The conference proceedings are published by the VISTAS publishing house.

  • Russia: Media Between Regulation and Commercialization (2010)
  • Turkey: Media Structure on its Way to Europe (2011)
  • Arab World: The Role of Media in the Arab World’s Transformation Process (2012)
  • Pakistan's Media Landscape: The Effects of Liberalization (2013)
  • Kenya`s Media Landscape: A Success Story with Serious Structural Challenges (2014)

Conference "Bildkorrekturen"
Journalism Conference on Development Reporting
Since 2010 (annually)

Every year Engagement Global invites students, journalists from developing countries, experts from development cooperation and German foreign correspondents to the "Bildkorrekturen" conference held in Munich. Together with cooperation partners including the Deutsche Journalistenschule (DJS), the Institute for Communication at the Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, and the Institute of Communication Science and Media Research at the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, DW-Akademie is involved in the conceptualization and organization of the event.

The annual conference aims to tackle distorted reporting on developing countries. Journalists and experts from the respective countries report on the role of media in their home country, the working conditions for journalists there and other related issues. German foreign correspondents also report on their own work routines.

The conference promotes discussions on the extent of journalists in Germany being able to inform the public about foreign affairs issues, and ways in which they are able to improve the quality of their work.

To date, the IMS has participated in the following conferences; IMS students' articles and reportages are published in the conferences’ proceedings:

2010: Globale Finanzkrise und Entwicklung
2011: Biologische Vielfalt schützen und nutzen - Kulturelle Vielfalt erhalten
2012: Bestechend. Korruption und Transparenz in Politik und Wirtschaft
2013: Reisefieber - Motor und Risiko
2014: Energie in the World: Turn or Burn?!

Public Lecture Series "Welt im Wandel"
Organized by Forum Internationale Wissenschaft

Since April 2015 DW Akademie has been involved in the public lecture series "Welt im Wandel" (World of Change) in cooperation with the GIZ, University of Bonn and City of Bonn. The series is organized by the working group "Forum Internationale Wissenschaft" and sheds light on selected aspects of sustainable development.

The summer semester 2015 focused on Climate. Global. Digital. It looked at whether – and to what extent – digitalization over the past decades has had a positive impact on international efforts towards climate protection and adaption to climate change. The lecture series is continuing during the current winter semester 2015/2016, this time with the focus on Zukunftsstadt (City of the Future). It looks at sustainable strategies by cities and communities, which are seen as important players in the international development agenda.

International Media Studies: Registrar’s office, Ira Fröhlich and Irene Najjemba

Registrar's office

Mon - Fri | 9 am - 4 pm (UTC+1)