Workshops: Build your podcasting skills | Podcasting | DW | 16.04.2024
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Workshops: Build your podcasting skills

toes in the podcasting waters as well as experienced producers looking to hone their skills and go further.

Podcast Training | Ghana

Participants at a PodCamp in Ghana present their team activity


We offer the following workshops, online or in person, which can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for more information at

  • Podcasting Sprint (1 – 3 days): Learn the basics in this intro course. From planning to implementation, you will learn what makes podcasting so powerful, what first steps are necessary and start conceptualizing your podcast idea with the MethodKit for Podcasts methodology.
  • Boot Camp (10 days): This PodCamp workshop is spread over six weeks and includes personal mentoring. It takes you from concept and format development to production and publishing.
  • Advanced Modules (1 day each): Aimed at experienced podcasters, these modules focus on sustainability and explore topics such as monetization, community engagement, analytics and promotion. The modules can be run – depending on your needs – together as a four-day workshop or individually. 
  • Podcast Train-the-Trainer (5 days): These workshops are meant for podcasters interested in training others how to develop or grow their own podcasts. The sessions explore how to plan and facilitate interactive trainings and use DW Akademie’s own PodcasTraining curriculum.
  • Using the MethodKit (2 hours): These short, hands-on sessions introduce people to the MethodKit for Podcasting, a tool designed to help producers turn their podcast idea into podcast reality. The workshops are particularly well suited for large conference and networking settings and can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. (Also see “Tools” section).
  • Thematic add-on modules: These workshops explore topics that are highly relevant today (climate, disinformation/fact-checking, youth and gender, mental health, media and information literacy) and look at specific ways podcasters can approach them. 

For more info, get in touch at