Why Climate Action needs Media Freedom | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 03.11.2017
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Why Climate Action needs Media Freedom

The world must understand and adapt to climate change. Media provide platforms giving people the facts they need.


To find sustainable solutions, everyone needs a voice.

Communities around the world need to adapt to a changing environment. Local media provide a platform for dialogue – often on contentious issues concerning infrastructure, land rights and the use of shared resources.



Reliable information saves lives.

People need reliable, up-to-the-minute, clear information to make critical decisions – especially during emergencies like floods, droughts or hurricanes. Effective information systems are crucial tools in the face of adversity, and local media play an important role.



Activists must be free to give nature a voice.

Taking a strong stand against environmental destruction is often dangerous, even life threatening. (In 2016, almost four activists a week were killed because of their work protecting the natural world from individuals, industries and even governments. Many of them were from indigenous communities. This year, the violence continues unabated.) Activists need to be free to rally public support for their causes without fear for their safety.



People need information to adapt to a changing climate.


Free and independent media outlets provide information people can rely on. They are crucial in creating awareness about the long-term consequences of climate change. And, they help people adjust to the new environmental reality, instead of being crushed by it.