Trigger change in rural communities: Join the (re-)claiming spaces initiative | Opportunities and Tenders | DW | 12.09.2023
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Opportunities and Tenders

Trigger change in rural communities: Join the (re-)claiming spaces initiative

Are you ready to make a real impact for young women in rural communities? DW Akademie is calling all young visionaries, creative minds, and change-makers in Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Why (re-)claiming spaces?

Picture this: A vibrant community in rural East Africa. Community members, especially women, have few chances to access relevant information. Less information means fewer opportunities. Our research found that:

  • Young women in rural areas face many obstacles when they want to inform themselves, such as: limited income to afford media devices or data, language barriers, lack of media literacy, gender and cultural norms.
  • Young women wish for more information about entrepreneurship skills and employment, Gender Based Violence, health, parenting and education.
  • In rural areas, young women are underrepresented in public debates or decision-making processes. Lack of confidence or cultural norms can hinder them from speaking up.

How can relevant information reach women in rural areas? What existing opportunities can we tap into? How can we amplify women’s voices?

Be part of a group that develops creative and innovative answers to these questions! Believe in your power to spark change.

Why should you apply?

Join us in the IdeaLab (November 2023): A 5-day whirlwind of creativity and learning. Get to know the Human-Centered Design approach to solving problems. Understand your community better. Brainstorm ideas with like-minded game-changers. Test your ideas with expert support.

Find the complete call for applications in the download section below.

The program includes: 

  • Seed funding to bring your ideas to life
  • Coaching tailored to your innovation journey
  • Networking with trailblazers from across East Africa

Fill in the application form by September 27, 2023.

You are eligible if you

  • are 18 years or older
  • are able to travel to Kampala, Uganda (passport or ID required, depending on location). Travel costs will be covered.
  • speak English or Kiswahili (at least intermediate level)
  • have basic digital skills (know how to use email and messenger services)
  • bring knowledge about young women in rural areas or have experience working with them.

Whether you’re an individual, part of an organization, or a budding entrepreneur — we want to hear from you.

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