Terms of Reference: Short-term consultant in Bangladesh | Opportunities and Tenders | DW | 06.06.2024
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Opportunities and Tenders

Terms of Reference: Short-term consultant in Bangladesh

DW Akademie is looking for a consultant for its project “Freedom of Expression and Media Development in Asia: Journalism of the Future”.

DW Akademie is currently seeking a consultant for the project “Freedom of Expression and Media Development in Asia: Journalism of the Future” (2024-2026) supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. In the past years, DW Akademie established the Communication and Journalism Educators Network (CJEN) as a dynamic and democratic platform dedicated to fostering excellence in communication and journalism education across Bangladesh. The aim of this consultancy is to support CJEN in establishing an organizational structure, and to make it financially independent from the support of DW Akademie by 2026.

Find the full call in the downloads section below.

The selected consultant will:

• Deliver an action plan on how to develop CJEN further in cooperation with DW Akademie’s
international consultant(s), keeping in mind the challenges and needs of public and private universities, faculty and students all over the country;
• Design an approach that is democratic, participatory and inclusive;
• Foster strong relations with fellow educators, industry professionals, and experts through CJEN's vibrant network, agreed with DW Akademie’s project team;
• Plan workshops and other formats to explain the idea and importance of CJEN to stakeholders;
• Develop a viable and sustainable financial model to support CJEN’s operations and activities, including an organizational structure and potential sponsors;
• Consult CJEN on how to establish a separate legal entity;
• Establish and maintain robust communication channels, such as the already existing Facebook page, website etc.

Please submit your application in electronic form by June 15, 2024.