Terms of Reference: Mentors for Investigative Journalism in East Africa | Opportunities and Tenders | DW | 26.04.2024
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Opportunities and Tenders

Terms of Reference: Mentors for Investigative Journalism in East Africa

DW Akademie is seeking mentors (5 positions) to support the fellowship program for investigative journalism in Eastern African countries, including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan.

In East Africa, an increasing economic system of disinformation and hate speech has been established in recent years, leaving societies exposed to digital threats such as misinformation, propaganda and hate speech, and to applications of mass surveillance technology and harmful use of artificial intelligence. These threats distort the understanding of citizens for reality and possibilities to make informed decisions, and hence, democratic processes are systematically undermined. Especially women are victims of misogynous online attacks.

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The investigative fellowship program aims to support the research and reporting project on digital challenges as well as on concrete solution-based approaches, and therefore offers mentorship for journalists implementing relevant in-depth stories. The selected mentors will have the opportunity to learn more about current digital threats and join professional media networks in the East African region pursuing similar thematic projects.

Apply by May 12, 2024