Tackling Disinformation: A learning guide project summary | Learning initiative against disinformation | DW | 18.01.2024
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Learning initiative against disinformation

Tackling Disinformation: A learning guide project summary

DW Akademie introduces its learning guide to disinformation.

A widespread information disorder is threatening our public discourse. It is eroding trust in institutions and news sources. The term disinformation is often used to refer to this information disorder, but the term has not only become politicized, it also doesn't capture the complexity of the issue. The effectiveness of diverse measures to address the symptoms of this problem remains uncertain.

Tackling Disinformation: A Learning Guide is aimed at helping those already working in the field, or directly impacted by the issues, such as media professionals, civil society actors, DW Akademie partners and experts. It offers insights for evaluating media development activities and rethinking approaches to disinformation, alongside practical solutions and expert advice, with a focus on the Global South and Eastern Europe.