Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast | Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast | DW | 18.03.2024
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Survive and Thrive

Survive and Thrive: The Media Viability Podcast

Media professionals from around the world share experiences in developing innovative and sustainable business models.


Media around the globe face an existential struggle. How can they deliver their audiences fact-based news while staying financially afloat? How can they make sure they are viable and resilient enough to weather even times of crisis? 

The many challenges they face include increasing restrictions on press freedom and freedom of expression, as well as authoritarian political regimes, increasing disinformation campaigns and eroding public trust. In addition, many news organizations have been affected by the pandemic, natural disasters, cyberattacks, violent conflicts or even war.

Host Janelle Dumalaon speaks with media managers, founders and journalists from around the world to find out their funding models, success strategies and what they had learned from mistakes.