“Support to the National Broadcaster of Ukraine” | Europe/Central Asia | DW | 07.03.2019
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About the project

“Support to the National Broadcaster of Ukraine”

“Support to the National Broadcaster of Ukraine” is an EU project promoting the transformation and development of UA: PBC from ex-state into the modern public broadcaster of Ukraine "Suspilne" since 2017.

At this point, UA: PBC operates two all-national TV and three radio channels together with regional TV and radio representation in each of the 24 regions of Ukraine and the Crimea. The aim of the project is to strengthen pluralism in media and to guarantee the access to free and quality information as a basic human right.

Activities are funded by the European Commission and Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, and include three major components to ensure the comprehensive and continuous transformation:

  1. Building and equipping a modern convergent news house in Kiev
  2. Establishing a Public Media Academy to provide training and development to UA:PBC staff
  3. Supporting organizational development to ensure UA:PBC’s sustainability.