Staying secure online: Digital safety | Training | DW | 18.11.2021
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Staying secure online: Digital safety

Surveillance, data theft and spyware are threats we face whenever we go online. But how do you communicate safely on the Internet ? How do you secure your data? Our digital safety seminar provides answers.

The more we communicate via smartphones or the Internet, the more we're prone to continuous surveillance. Whenever we're online, we're sending out data and often don't know who is seeing it all. Whether it's WhatsApp or Facebook, a smartphone running app or Twitter, data can be stolen relatively simply. Criminal hackers use phishing attacks to steal passwords while authoritarian regimes use surveillance methods to crack down on opposition forces.

Which pathways do data travel in the virtual world? What can be captured or recorded? And what do online services or hackers do with the information they get their hands on? Our one-day practical workshop tackles these crucial questions and more.

The safety myth

In a surveillance simulation, for example, our trainers use a beamer to show a record of supposedly secure online sites you've just visited on your laptop as well as the data you've entered. We also show you the type of information that firms like Apple and Google collect.

And we offer practical tips as well as precautions for safer surfing on your computer or smartphone: everything from encrypting emails to configuring location-based services so that you can't be read like an open book.

Please bear in mind that this workshop is conducted in German. For a workshop in English or other languages, please contact us directly for a customized offer.

Workshop contents
• Basics of data transfer
• Browsing safely
• Safety regarding cloud systems and instant messaging
• Mechanics of bugging programs used by security services
• Protecting computers, smartphones and tablets

Target group
Journalists, freelancers, organizations

On request

DW Akademie, Bonn

Number of participants

560 euros

Please ask us about special rates for members of the German Federation of Journalists (DJV), the Verdi trade union, and the Federal Association of German Press Officers (Bundesverband der Kommunikatoren e.V. (BdKom)). We accept education vouchers (Bildungschecks).