Reporting on Climate Change | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 03.11.2017
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Reporting on Climate Change

DW Akademie trains journalists worldwide so they can report on a variety of topics, including environmental issues. Visit our projects!

One of the main aims is to professionalize environmental journalism and increase the presence of environmental topics, such as climate change, within the media landscape of developing countries.

In Seminars and Workshops, experts from DW Akademie help journalists on site to improve their skills so that they can supply their audience with comprehensive and reliable facts and information. The aim is to strengthen local media, providing communities with information and platforms to discuss changes and find solutions.


Pacific Islands: Training for Climate Reporters (2017)

  • Ten journalists from the Pacific region get the opportunity to report first-hand from the conference for their home media
  • Participants receive training from DW Akademie in e-sessions in the weeks before COP 23
  • Trainers from DW Akademie provide feedback throughout the conference
  • Participants qualified through a journalistic competition with judges from UNFCCC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Articles produced will be featured on a dedicated DW Akademie web page


Myanmar: Reporting from COP 23 (2017)

  • DW Akademie enables six journalists from Myanmar to participate in COP23
  • Aim: to strengthen and to professionalize media coverage about climate change in Myanmar's print and online media
  • Participants are alumni of the MJI Diploma Programme and work for well-known media, e.g. The Associated Press
  • Trainers and coaches from DW Akademie provide support in reporting from COP23


Somaliland: Reporting in Times of Drought (2017)

  • DW Akademie trained journalists from Somaliland in multimedia reporting during times of drought
  • Aim: To provide local communities quickly and reliably with information
  • Focal points of training: How to visualize a story to engange audiences without using too many words


"Learning about climate change - Lessons for the Middle East: Jordanian and German perspectives" (2016)

  • Journalists, political actors and scientists discussed Jordan's media coverage of environmental issues
  • Aim: to raise awareness about the impact of climate change among journalists
  • Participants developed techniques for breaking down the abstract idea of climate change, making it more appealing and easier to understand for audiences


“Greening Africa” (2013)

  • Journalists from South Sudan, Namibia and other countries were trained to get acquainted with issues of climate change and how to effectively report on them
  • Aim: To enable them to cover those topics in order to supply people with important information
  • Production of the magazon "Greening Africa", containing articles on environmental and climate change topics


„Climate change in the Pacifics” – production workshop for multimedia reporting (2013)

  • Multimedia-Training for 13 journalists from the Fiji-Islands, Papa-New Guinea, Samoa and other pacific states
  • Aim: To provide expertise of how to report on climate change 
  • Improvement of journalistic skills concerning multimedia reporting;
  • Networking of media professionals from the pacific states.


Reporting COP 19 (2013)

  • Online training for journalists to report on climate change during COP19 in Warsaw
  • Participants reported for their home media on various aspects of the conference
  • DW Akademie instructors provided in-depth information and journalistic mentoring
  • Articles and journalistic products were published on a dedicated DWA website


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