Register now: Displacement and Dialogue '21 virtual barcamp on December, 1 | Africa | DW | 08.11.2021
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Register now: Displacement and Dialogue '21 virtual barcamp on December, 1

Information saves lives, and not just during a pandemic. More than 80 million people have been displaced worldwide and crucial information needs to reach them, too. But how? Share ideas at DW Akademie's virtual barcamp.

Information saves lives. This statement holds true not only in a pandemic, but also in the context of other crises, which have left more than 80 million people forcibly displaced. But how can people affected by crisis make their concerns and ideas known? How do we ensure that crucial information reaches the people who need it to act? And how can the actors become more accountable to the populations they serve? These are some of the issues we might discuss at our Barcamp: Displacement and Dialogue ’21.

Why “might”?

This four-hour digital event is a participant-driven meeting. There is no pre-determined agenda and no list of speakers. Instead, the agenda is set collectively at the start of the event. Anyone can suggest topics, which will then be discussed at the sessions. Everybody is an expert with their own perspective. Any suggestion for a session is valid – even a simple question suffices. The sessions will thrive on the diversity of participants’ expertise and perspectives. Only the time frame is fixed. Participants decide not only in which sessions they participate, but also whether they want to contribute or just listen.

Who can join?

Participation is free of charge, and the event is open to everybody, whether you are a displaced yourself, a communication professional or humanitarian working in the context or just interested in issues of access to information and dialogue in displacement settings. DW Akademie invites you to join the exchange and share your knowledge and experience. You just need a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access.

How to prepare?

If you would like to suggest a session before the start of the event, click here. The pre-registered sessions will later be visible on this page. If there are more sessions than available slots, sessions can be combined or selected by the participants’ vote. A virtual networking lounge will be open an hour before and after the event (a computer for this is strongly recommended). Our technical platform allows the usage of video live streaming, chat, surveys, presentations and collaboration tools. Registered participants will receive a technical manual. If you still have technical or organizational questions, kindly contact

Register now!

Date:    Wednesday, December 1, 2021
Time:    4 pm - 8 pm CET

Registration: To register, kindly click here to reserve your free digital ticket.

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