Quiz: Digital whaaaat? | transparency-and-media-freedom | DW | 16.03.2022
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Transparency and Media Freedom

Quiz: Digital whaaaat?

Digital authoritarianism - only a few people are able to pronounce it right. And even less have an idea of what it is. One hint: It has to do with authoritarian regimes and the Internet. Click and take the quiz!

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Digital authoritarianism is when governments assert power on information flows through digital tools and the Internet. Their methods include, among others, censorship through laws or intimidation on digital channels, the spread of misinformation, mass surveillance or targeted social media campaigns via bots or paid bloggers. In the rush to respond to Covid-19-related public health and misinformation challenges, there are increased concerns that this misuse of power is a trend that goes even beyond authoritarian regimes.

Take this quiz to find out more!

More information about digital authoritarianism on #Mdev:


This project is part of the global initiative "Transparency and media freedom – Crisis resilience in the pandemic" of DW Akademie and is supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.