Pushing for change: Laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s journalism today | Media and Journalism Education | DW | 12.12.2023
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Media and Journalism Education

Pushing for change: Laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s journalism today

How providers can think about and deliver Media and Journalism Education in new ways to ensure it can fulfill its intended function: laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s journalism today.

Shrinking budgets and a lack of viable business models, clickbait journalism and a general disenchantment of society with journalism and the media: In many media ecologies around the world, public interest media find themselves under increasing pressure.

Their role in society has changed: Today, journalists do not only have to compete with politicians, activists, and social media users for attention, but also with disseminators of disinformation that undermine reliable reporting.

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In times of digital change, one of the main questions for media development is how to enable MJE to not only keep up with the sector’s current demands, but to prepare professionals who can master future challenges as well. Therefore, media development needs a holistic approach that looks beyond the training content and curricula of journalism courses.

Media and Journalism Education is about forging a coalition of actors and stakeholders from within the media community and beyond, who are committed to developing MJE further and thus lay the groundwork for the journalism of the future. In short: MJE is much more than training.