Public appearances | Training | DW | 01.04.2021
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Public appearances

You need confidence if you want to present your organization successfully in public. Whether it's at a conference, giving a talk or taking part in a panel discussion, it's essential that you feel at ease.

If you're speaking in front of a packed room, your job is to get everyone's attention and deliver information in a way that everyone understands - without being frozen by stage fright. For most people, that's a challenge.

A successful public appearance requires more than a friendly personality. It also demands good presentation skills. This workshop shows you how to successfully convey your core message, regardless of whether you're speaking to a large audience or to the media. The content of this workshop is tailored to reflect the particulars of the participants' own professional environment.

We feature exercises that simulate a variety of situations. Through analysis of video recordings of practice presentations, we can determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You'll learn how to give on-the-spot answers, get your point across in group discussions and use facial expressions, gestures and body language to your advantage.

Please bear in mind that this workshop is conducted in German. For a workshop in English or other languages please contact us directly for a customized offer.

Workshop contents
• The rules of communication
• Formulating your core message
• Asserting yourself in group discussions
• Taking charge
• Facial expressions, gestures and body language
• Answering on the spot
• Communication in crisis situations
• Presentations at meetings, panel discussions and press conferences
• Working with the media

Target group
Staff of company communications departments, aid organizations, administration and associations

new dates will be published soon


Number of participants
6 - 8

590 euros / person

Please ask us about special rates for members of the German Federation of Journalists (DJV), the Verdi trade union, and the Federal Association of German Press Officers (Bundesverbands deutscher Pressesprecher e.V. or BdP). We accept education vouchers (Bildungschecks).