"Politicisation of media remains a big challenge" | Alumni | DW | 26.04.2018
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"Politicisation of media remains a big challenge"

Peter Egielewa from Nigeria graduated from the IMS program in 2016. He is now a University lecturer, Director of Communications and Newspaper Editor in his home country.

Why did you choose to become part of the IMS program?

I was rounding up my PhD in "Communication and Evangelisation" in Frankfurt in 2014 and wanted to get some deeper insights and perspectives on International media, practical media training and media management trends. I discovered the IMS programme offered such courses. So I decided to join the IMS programme in 2014.


Which career path did you take since graduating from the International Media Studies program?

After graduating from the IMS program in 2016, I returned to Nigeria and from 2017 I started teaching Mass Communication students at Edo University, Iyamho, Nigeria. Also, I am the Director of Communications for the Catholic Diocese of Auchi, Nigeria and Editor of a Catholic Newspaper.


Which of the skills you have acquired in the program do you apply in your work practice?

In reality, I actually apply many of the skills acquired in the IMS programme, including Editorial and Media Management, Leadership training, News Editing and News Room Management, Media and Globalisation as well as Statistics. Media Planning with all its dimensions is helpful since I manage a media outlet now.


Tell us about the experiences you gained through taking part in the International Media Studies program?

Apart from competences acquired through the IMS programme, exposure to international and current trends in Media practices, propelled by Globalisation and knowledge on how the media shape and set the agenda in the world arena, have sharpened my perspectives on how to analyse happenings in the world and the role the media play in these.


How would you describe the current media situation in your home country?

With over 100 Newspapers, 50 TV Stations and 120 Radio Stations, many privately-owned, the Nigerian media landscape is changing. However, challenges of poverty, lack of accessible roads and illiteracy remain. Politicisation of media- due to Government Advert dollars- remains a big challenge. The Freedom of Information (FOI) law passed in 2011 gives the media more liberty in its watchdog role, making it more robust.


Is there anything you would like to share with future IMS students and graduates?

IMS Students should avail themselves of the intensity of the IMS Program in an international atmosphere to learn how the media function from the local and international perspectives.


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