Network: Community and connections | Podcasting | DW | 16.04.2024
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Network: Community and connections

Together, we’re stronger. That’s why DW Akademie is promoting a community of podcasters who can look to and learn from each other. We want to establish an environment of collaboration, exchange and connection.

While some might like going it alone, being a part of a community brings real advantages. We want to bring podcasters from around the world together for mutual support and motivation, knowledge sharing and collaboration. 

  • Monthly newsletter: The PodCircle newsletter is aimed at providing information and inspiration to podcasters, both newcomers to the medium and experienced producers alike. The newsletter offers profiles of podcasts and podcasters and in-depth coverage of in a specific theme and tips and tools to help you grow your show.

  • Podcast Circle: These monthly online meet-ups allow podcasters and podcast trainers to come together to discuss a relevant theme, share experiences and just get to know each other.
  • Podcast Trainer Pool: DW Akademie has a strong and growing pool of podcast trainers, specially qualified to use our PodcasTraining curriculum and the MethodKit for Podcasts.

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