Myth Detector Lab: Busting myths with verification in Georgia | #mediadev | DW | 20.07.2020
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Myth Detector Lab: Busting myths with verification in Georgia

In 2014, Georgia's Media Development Foundation launched its fact-checking website Myth Detector to expose the truth behind the lies, explore hidden political agendas and identify the aim of disinformation. 


The verification approach consists of four stages: identify, deconstruct, track transparency of sources and explain what propaganda methods were used. After gaining considerable experience with propaganda methods, the Myth Detector team decided to develop a program that enabled young people to gain media literacy and put their newfound knowledge to the test by identifying, deconstructing, tracking and explaining fabricated stories. 


From 2016, the Media Development Foundation (MDF) began cooperation with the EU's East StratCom Task force, set up to address Russia's ongoing disinformation campaigns, particularly in Eastern Europe. MDF's fact-checking portal Myth Detector is a partner of Atlantic Council's online DisinfoPortal.  

Myth Detector Lab participants come from a mainly non-journalistic background. The young people get the chance to produce their own multimedia content and fact-checking articles. Lab alumni become multipliers and promote media literacy outside the Lab classrooms. 


  • Media Development Foundation (MDF) 
  • DW Akademie 
  • East StratCom Task Force  
  • DisinfoPortal – an online guide to learn about the Kremlin's disinformation campaigns 


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