Mobile Journalism Contest: Telling Pakistan's untold stories | DW AKADEMIE | DW | 12.12.2019
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Mobile Journalism Contest: Telling Pakistan's untold stories

How does one report from places where journalists have never set foot? How does one give a voice to the voiceless? DW and DW Akademie's Mobile Journalism Contest aims to promote mobile journalism in Pakistan.

Sameera Latif's portrait of a young Pakistani woman who upholds her family's tradition as craftspeople won first prize at DW and DW Akademie's Mobile Journalism Contest, organized together with local partners.

 Although disturbing, the videos winning second and third prize also offer hope. The second prize went to Razia Mehsud's report on children who are victims of landmines. 

 Nusrat Abbas won third prize for his portrait of a man who, as a student, was seriously injured during protests. Now living with a disability himself, he is committed to helping others with disabilities and who live in rural Pakistan.

Thirty-six participants, including 23 women, presented their best reports of untold stories. Participants came from 19 districts in Pakistan's tribal areas and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Some of these districts are difficult to reach and are affected by conflicts.The journalistic infrastructure there is weak. Reporting from these areas, participants give locals a voice by focusing on topics rarely covered in the mainstream media. The  Mobile Journalism Contest, organized by DW and DW Akademie together with its local partners Individualland, Media Training and Research Centre and Tribal News Network, aims to promote mobile reporting and citizen journalism in Pakistan.

All participants had previously taken part in DW Akademie journalism workshops, worked independently as citizen journalists and produced their reports with smartphones. For some, it was their first foray into journalism. The top three contributions were honored at an award ceremony held November 22, 2019 in Karachi.