Media Training: Learning from the pros | Training | DW | 01.04.2021
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Media Training: Learning from the pros

If you represent an organization or need to reach the public, you have to be able to deal professionally with the media. Our workshops get you ready to step in front of the camera and microphone with confidence.

Whether it's doing an interview in a TV studio, making a short statement as the cameras roll or having an in-depth discussion on the radio - most people find them all rather stressful experiences. Few of us are natural talents when it comes to speaking in public or on the air. But you can learn how to master situations like these, and our workshops show you how.

Your key message

You often have just a few seconds to make your point, and we coach you in presenting your core message briefly and effectively. We cover everything from how to work with journalists and editors to how to formulate statements that are to the point. We give you tips on body language and inform you of your legal rights when being interviewed. Our media training workshops are tailored to meet your specific needs.

The training sessions are hands-on, featuring practice in front of the camera and at the microphone as well as in our TV and radio studios. Experienced journalists and media professionals show you how to prepare for all types of situations.

While many of our workshops are booked by companies and organizations, we also regularly hold group workshops for which individuals can register.

Please bear in mind that these workshops are conducted in German. For workshops in English and other languages, please contact us directly for a customized offer.

Workshop contents
• Introduction to how journalists work
• Interview training
• Dealing with the media during crisis situations
• Your rights during an interview
• Formulating concise and effective statements
• Preparing for public appearances
• Body language

Target group
Skilled professionals and executives from organizations, companies and associations.




Number of participants

690 euros

Please ask us about special rates for members of the German Federation of Journalists (DJV), the Verdi trade union, and the Federal Association of German Press Officers (Bundesverbands deutscher Pressesprecher e.V. or BdP). We accept education vouchers (Bildungschecks).