Keeping it all together: Event moderation | Training | DW | 04.02.2022
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Keeping it all together: Event moderation

Event moderators need to be able to read a situation and act. They might need to stir things up, ask probing questions or even pit sides against each other - and then smooth it all out again.

Moderators play a key role when to comes to the success or failure of panel discussions and public debates. They have to keep track of the discussion and make sure that panel guests feel at ease and are being taken seriously. Sometimes moderators need to skillfully apply the brakes on a guest who won't stop talking or get a reticent guest to open up. At times, moderators may even use provocation to make sure that the discussion keeps its momentum.

Keeping the audience in mind

Moderators have to hold the reins during the discussion but also work to maintain the kind of atmosphere that's desired. They constantly need to keep the audience in mind, making sure audience members can follow what's being said, are kept interested and, more than anything, feel they are a part of what's going on. Plus, moderaters have to do all of this while staying within the allotted time. Our one - day event moderation workshop gives you all the skills you need.

Please bear in mind that this workshop is conducted in German. For a workshop in English or other languages, please contact us directly for a customized offer.

Workshop contents
• Understanding the role of the moderator
• Opening the event - welcoming the audience, introducing the panelists and the topic (practicing in front of the camera)
• Roadmap - tips for preparing the discussion: goal, limits, keeping on schedule, mixing, briefing and interacting with panelists, opening and closing statements
• The "real" thing: moderating a panel discussion (practicing in front of the camera)
• How did it go? Analyzing the examples

Target group
Employees from companies, administration, associations and aid organizations

DW Akademie, Bonn

Number of participants


new dates will be published soon 


590 euros / person

Please ask us about special rates for members of the German Federation of Journalists (DJV), the Verdi trade union, and the Federal Association of German Press Officers (Bundesverband deutscher Pressesprecher e.V. or BdP). We accept education vouchers (Bildungschecks).