Georgia: Media freedom in decline | Publications | DW Akademie | DW | 22.03.2023
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Georgia: Media freedom in decline

Verbal, physical and digital attacks on journalists and media outlets, polarized media and lack of independent funding: DW Akademie's new discussion paper highlights recent challenges facing the Georgian media sector.

DW Akademie's study is a snapshot of freedom of expression and media freedom in Georgia, and it includes the concerns of Georgian media professionals with respect to government censorship and independent funding.  

Combining qualitative and quantitative methods, DW Akademie aims to contribute to the existing body of research on Georgia's media environment. For this study, DW Akademie surveyed journalists on the current media situation with focus on journalist and media security. 

In the second half of 2022, the research team gathered qualitative data through in-depth interviews with 15 Georgian media professionals, conducted under the premise of anonymity. 

An online survey provided additional data. A semi-standardized questionnaire of 61 questions in the Georgian language was sent to nine media associations and organizations representing several hundred media institutions and individual members, as well as to 59 media outlets, including TV, radio, online and print outlets. 


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