DW trainees go out into the world to report on it | Who we are | DW | 22.06.2023
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Who we are

DW trainees go out into the world to report on it

From the windy expanses of Montana to the hustle and bustle of a London newsroom, DW's trainees face their first assignments abroad after their first year of training.

Erster Auslandseinsatz Volojahrgang 2021-2022

Reporting through wind and weather: Katja Sterzik (left) and John Marshall

With twelve budding journalists from nine nations, the 2021/22 trainee cohort was more international than ever before. Over 18 months of practical seminars and editorial assignments, the trainees learned the journalistic skills necessary to produce television, online and radio news. Beyond working in both Bonn and Berlin, a two-month assignment in one of DW's foreign studios is mandatory. In addition, trainees have the choice of a month-long elective assignment, which can be at the ARD studio in Madrid or at the UN in Jamaica.   

The main goal of the program is for trainees to understand what makes DW's correspondent work so remarkable and to experience how colleagues from other media companies work. Katja Sterzik and John Marshall traveled to Toole County, Montana, during their assignment at DW's Washington studio. They used their training to research, film and edit a video report on climate. For them, the biggest challenge was the harsh November weather, with freezing temperatures and fierce winds. 

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