"Digital Innovations for Peace": Sign up for our newsletter | Middle East/North Africa | DW | 20.12.2022
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Middle East/North Africa

"Digital Innovations for Peace": Sign up for our newsletter

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Are you interested in the latest innovative journalistic methods like Data-Driven Journalism and Social Listening or the use cutting edge technology to combat disinformation and promote media literacy in the MENA region? Then sign up for the quarterly “Digital Innovations for Peace” newsletter, an initiative funded by the EU. The newsletter will be distributed in English. 

The spread of false, harmful and sometimes violent content online increases social tensions and the political alienation of many citizens. This is especially true for the fragile states of the MENA region. This newsletter is part of DW Akademie’s fight against disinformation and for freedom of speech. Topics in this newsletter will include: Updates about the progress of our media development programme in the MENA region (especially in Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, West Bank and Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon), as well as information about the methods and technologies applied. We will share content and results of our activities along with insights from entrepreneurs, digital technology activists and media professionals taking part in this programme.

DW Akademie and its partners ‘Elbiro’, ‘Leaders Organisation’ and ‘Leaders International’ worked together to create a 3-year project that establishes a cross-regional network for professional exchange and capacity building in high-quality digital reporting on conflict related issues. It also brings together entrepreneurs, digital technology experts and media professionals from across the region to develop innovative ICT solutions for digital communication.  Funded by the EU, ‘Digital Innovations for Peace’ helps to make use of technological innovations to increase people’s resilience against disinformation and promote peace in the digital sphere. 

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