3. Clearly defined brand and audience | #mediadev | DW | 19.06.2019
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Media viability: 6 strategies

3. Clearly defined brand and audience

If you are bringing something new to market, carry out a comprehensive competitor analysis, be creative in developing a brand strategy and plan how you will build a community of engaged readers, viewers or listeners.

Campaign banner of Indonesian website Magdalene saying I am Magdalene - I contain multitudes

Indonesia’s feminist website Magdalene.co recently underwent a major website overhaul

Branding, communication and building a community play a crucial role in determining the success of media startups and new products launched by established companies.

Another important consideration for digital products is focusing on user-centred design. Designing for consumers may sound obvious, but it is a never-ending process that requires constant attention and the ability to respond to changing audience/consumer demands.  Similarly, media companies also need to continually work on audience development, experimenting, innovating and testing different ways of building loyalty. Without such an approach, it is hard to get steady growth traction. Moreover, a special and consistent communications plan needs to be developed for your advertisers, business partners or donors – both active and potential.


Doing this well is challenging. Indonesia's feminist website Magdalene.co (which covers under-reported 'taboo' subjects on gender and sexuality in the largest Muslim population in world) underwent a major website overhaul in February that addressed these issues. Design-thinking was used in branding and developing a new design for the site. During the process, design emerged from the intersection of ideas, experiences and target audience. A deep understanding of the readers you are designing for helps you appreciate their needs, opinions, emotions and motivations and so better meet their expectations. Thus, Magdalene.co developed a magazine-style design with an emphasis on easy-to-use, straightforward navigation and functionality.

This article is part of the #mediadev  guest post Media Viability: 6 strategies for success.

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