Media Development in Practice: Innovation for Dialogue  | Publications | DW Akademie | DW | 09.06.2021
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Media Development in Practice: Innovation for Dialogue 

New publication on approaches and innovative solutions for public dialogue 

Although the digital transformation offers people new opportunities for interacting and participating, it has not, contrary to initial hopes, strengthened their ability to equally participate in the public dialogue. Not everyone can exercise their rights to freedom of expression and access to information. There are various reasons for this, including a lack of resources or knowledge of how to deal with digital media, and state regulations or shrinking markets for independent media.  
DW Akademie's new publication "Media Development in Practice: Innovation for Dialogue" looks at how public dialogue could become fairer for all. The "I4D" approach would require societies with an infrastructure that serves public and not private interests, that gives everyone equal access to information, strengthens their participation and offers them protection from manipulation and disinformation.  
"Innovation for Dialogue" presents four projects from four regions around the world that are working to strengthen and sustain digital innovation in the public dialogue.   
In Moldova, a series of hackathons led to the development of tech-based solutions to misinformation. In Ecuador, indigenous groups wrote their own stories on Wikipedia to strengthen their culture's representation and publicly correct misinformation. In Uganda, citizen journalists established a network to report on underrepresented issues and groups. And in the Middle East, innovative concepts in journalism training are helping the next generation of journalists to become fit for the challenges of the future. 
These four case studies illustrate the approaches that DW Akademie and its partners are pursuing worldwide to strengthen the public dialogue. The goal is to foster innovation and increase the visibility of underrepresented topics, and to bring together innovators and experts to pool their knowledge and skills. 


You can download the publication here: