"Mobile Journalism is one of the challenges at work" | Alumni | DW | 22.02.2018
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"Mobile Journalism is one of the challenges at work"

Jenny Navarro, Ecuadorian photojournalist and 2017 graduate of the IMS works as a multimedia journalist for a new digital media platform in her home country Ecuador, called La Posta.

IMS Alumni Jenny Navarro bei La Posta

Jenny Navarro at La Posta

Why did you choose to become part of the IMS program?

The IMS program was perfect to achieve my goals. Being part of such an international group to discuss how media work in our countries amazed me. The chance to share my experience with other international students, the opportunity to improve my German in a bilingual program, the prestige of Deutsche Welle and its Academy were also facts that encouraged me to apply.


Which career path did you take since graduating from the International Media Studies program?

My expertise is the image field, but I was open to learn more about new technologies and journalism. At my new job I do everything involving multimedia journalism for digital media. I am mainly in charge of photography and video production. I also support the newsroom needs with news writing, reporting, researching and community management.


Which of the skills that you have acquired in the program do you apply in your work practice?

Mobile Journalism is one of the challenges at work. I have always worked with big DSLR photo cameras and it is a huge change for me to report with mobile devices such as cellphones. The Bright Sight Global project  - a worldwide storytelling platform that features exceptional projects and initiatives and empowers reporting on positive change in societies - was also useful for my current job, because I learned making short, simple and viral videos of international news. 


Tell us about the experiences you gained through taking part in the International Media Studies program?

Where do I begin? I learned a lot, personally and professionally. The intercultural environment is one of the most important experiences during the 2 years. Living and working in Germany was also great and challenging.


How would you describe the current media situation in your home country?

Ecuador is in a transition process. There was censorship in the last government and the media could hardly report corruption cases. The new Regime seems more open to dialogue and has not censored media yet. Nowadays, media is researching and doing journalism again, without neglecting the regulation of the Law of Communication.


Is there anything you would like to share with future IMS students and graduates?

The experience of meeting new people from all over the world, getting used to the German culture, studying in a different country, traveling, etc. are some of the amazing things of becoming part of the IMS adventure.

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