Middle East: Fostering gender-sensitive media | All media content | DW | 07.02.2023
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Middle East/North Africa

Middle East: Fostering gender-sensitive media

To strengthen media pluralism and gender sensitivity in the media, the Palestinian organization TAM – Women Media & Development offered a training for journalists on gender-sensitive and gender-just reporting.

Media coverage during the COVID-19 pandemic has frequently excluded women’s perspectives, voices and expertise about how the pandemic affected women. In many countries, substantial bias could be observed towards men’s perspectives in the news coverage of the pandemic and an underrepresentation of women's experiences. 

The example of reporting during the pandemic highlights the significant role the media could play in promoting diversity and gender equality, which has the power to change public perception. But in order to tackle current inequalities, media professionals themselves must gain an awareness that gender is a sensitive topic for media, and it is important to communicate the need for change to the public.

Thus, the Palestinian partner organization TAM – Women Media & Development conducted an intensive capacity-building training for twelve journalists and media specialists over the course of four days. They focused on producing gender-sensitive and gender-just media materials and covering topics with gender sensitivity. Through this training, TAM sought to strengthen media pluralism and integration of gender sensitive approaches in media, as well as to enhance the capacity of media professionals through technical and professional development in research, report writing, story selection, and interview settings.